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UFAI's Heel Pain Institute of Torrance
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Torrance Heel Specialists, Doctors and Surgeons

Everyone who has had heel pain knows what a burden it can be. Even though conditions like plantar fasciitis are quite common, they require an individualized approach. If you are living with heel pain, visit the preferred podiatrists of the top dancers, athletes, and performers in the Los Angeles area. With podiatry offices throughout Southern California, including Torrance, UFAI's Heel Pain Institute offers the best individualized care in greater Los Angeles area.

Foot Doctors/Surgeons Serving Torrance

Heel Pain Institute of Torrance is a subdivision of University Foot & Ankle Institute. UFAI's Heel Pain Institute offers round-the-clock urgent care podiatry services, including customized foot and ankle treatment from some of the top podiatric surgeons in Torrance, including:

Torrance Podiatrists Specializing in Heel Pain Treatment

Here at the Heel Pain Institute, we are one of the few locations in the whole world that offers this many options for treating heel pain. We hire only the top podiatrists to treat our patients, so that you get world-class care every time you visit us.

Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment Offered in Torrance:

  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Stem Cell Injection Therapy
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
  • Topaz Micro-Plantar Fasciotomy
  • Tenex Ultrasonic Plantar Fascia Therapy

Our heel pain treatments are among the most advanced techniques in use today. Our conveniently located Torrance office is just a short drive from the South Bay or Long Beach, just off Pacific Coast Highway.

Advanced Surgical Heel Pain Treatment:

  • Open Fascia Release
  • Heel Nerve Release
  • Tenex Plantar Fascia Debridement
  • Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Plantar Fascia Release
  • In-step Fascia Release

Our urgent care facilities are set up to treat your heel pain in the fastest and most comprehensive manner possible. At our conveniently-located, cutting-edge facilities, we provide our patients with all the latest diagnostic tests and physical therapy services.

UFAI's Heel Pain Institute of Torrance

Heel spurs, heel bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and a range of other conditions are painful, but getting them treated is now easier than ever. Visit the foot and ankle experts at UFAI's Heel Pain Institute today. They can determine the cause of your heel pain and offer the best course of treatment for you.

UFAI's Heel Pain Institute of Torrance provides podiatry services to Torrance and surrounding cities: